ZWO Filter Holder for M42/M54 and EOS/Nikon Filter Drawer


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ZWO's M42 filter drawer inlcudes one 2" filter holder. However, you can purchase additional filter holders without having to buy the entire filter drawer all over again just for the holder.

You can now purchase as many filter holders as you need and slide in the appropriate filter into the drawer as you like. 

The filter holder has standard M48x0.75 threads for 2" mounted astronomy filters.

This new Gen 2 filter holder will fit ONLY the following ZWO filter drawers:

  • FD-M42-II Gen 2 M42/M48 filter drawer
  • FD-M54-II Gen 2 M54 filter drawer
  • FD-EOS Canon EOS filter drawer
  • FD-Nikon Nikon filter drawer

This new Gen 2 filter holder will NOT fit the following ZWO filter drawers:

  • FD-M42 Gen 1 M42/M48 filter drawer
  • FD-M54 Gen 1 M54 filter drawer


Note:the old filter holder is not applicable to the new filter drawer.

    Barcode: 0748305559648