In Stock Telescopes

Our selection of in stock telescopes are ready for same day pickup, or ship same day or next day depending on the time of the order.

Please note that with the exceptionally high demand right now, our stock is changing rapidly!

In 2020, the telescope industry has experienced record demand that has resulted in very limited supply. We are sold out of many models, with hundreds of telescopes on backorder with manufacturers. We can't predict when specific models will be available, and have therefore chosen not to do pre-sales of telescopes when we don't know if it will take 2 weeks or 6 months to get them in. Our best suggestion for now is a Gift Card. Giving a Gift Card also allows the recipient to call us and discuss what type of telescope will be best for them, to provide the most engaging experiences with astronomy. We are always happy to help find the right telescope and accessories for each individual!