Are your Solar Eclipse Glasses Certified Safe?

Yes. All of our solar eclipse glasses are ISO and CE certified, and additionally verified by the American Astronomical Society, where we are listed as an approved reseller. (Click the link above and search on the page for "Mile High Astronomy".) Our Mile High Astronomy Branded Eclipse Glasses are manufactured by American Paper Optics, an AAS approved manufacturer, and are made in the USA.

All of our solar filters are also sourced from certified manufacturers.

Regardless of where you purchase your eclipse glasses, make sure they are ISO/CE certified safe for direct solar viewing. NEVER look at the sun through any telescope, binoculars, or camera that does not have a certified solar filter properly and securely installed on the front lens/objective. Also ensure that any ancillary finder scopes or other optical devices are removed, securely covered, or have their own certified solar filters securely installed on the front lens/objective. An unfiltered telescope or pair of binoculars pointed at the sun will instantly burn your eye and lead to potential permanent blindness.

Do you buy and sell used gear?

Yes! We will selectively buy or take on consignment gently used gear in good working order. Details can be found here.

Do you offer classes?

We did! And we hope to again when time permits. At this time, we do not have a schedule for when classes will resume.

Do you do repairs?

Mostly no, but we are happy to take a look at your telescope and give you guidance to troubleshoot any operating issues and advise if there are repairs needed and where to potentially go for further service needs.

In our experience, a lot of what seems to need repair is actually user-serviceable, especially "collimation" (that's when you make sure your reflector-telescope's mirrors are properly aligned, giving you a sharper image when you're done).

Do you do telescope cleaning and collimation?

Most of the time, if it's "just a little dust" on the optics, they'll be fine as they are, and your view through the scope will still look great. (It's actually best to leave the mirrors untouched unless they're really a mess--they're easily damaged if not handled correctly.)  For more serious mirror-cleaning problems, pro cleaning is sometimes available from your telescope's manufacturer.  For small lenses, like on your finderscope, blow or carefully brush off the dust, and then wipe with a Lens Pen or eyeglass cloth. We do offer basic cleaning kits.

As for collimation, the aligning of your telescope's mirrors, there are usually good instructions in your telescope's manual. YouTube also offers many great guides for different types of telescopes. For newtonians and RCs we do offer Collimation eyepieces.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, but no. We ship only within the 48 contiguous states. Our dealer agreements are US only - we are not able to sell or ship orders outside the US. We also do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii or US territories due to past issues with damage and the high costs of shipping to these locations.

Do You Provide Quotes?

Yes, we can provide quotes for government and institutional orders where a PO process is required. If you are an individual looking for a list of items, prices are all on the website, and you can build your own quote by adding items to your cart. If you have questions about what you may need, we are happy to help out by phone or email.