Used Enkeoo S155 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply


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This is a 155wH rechargeable power supply with multiple outlets for powering your gear.  We have turned it on, recharged it, and verified that it works.  It includes the charging cable, as well as a couple of power cables:  one with a dual plug for SkyWatcher mounts, and the other, a cigarette plug port.  
  • Versatile power solution to keep motorized and electronic astronomy gear running
  • Features two 12V DC ports, three USB ports, a three-prong AC port, and a two-prong AC port, to satisfy all your needs
  • Compact size perfect for trips to dark-sky sites without taking up too much space
  • High capacity 155 watt-hour battery will keep your gear powered for lengthy observing sessions and astrophotography pursuits
  • Built-in white spotlight provides helpful illumination for end of night packing up of your gear

Wherever your favorite stargazing site is located, the portable Enkeoo 155Wh Lithium Power Supply is the perfect choice to keep your equipment running. Whether you travel miles away to go after ink-black skies in a remote spot, or simply take your trusty telescope a few steps outside into the backyard, the Dynamo Pro's compact size and large 155 watt-hour capacity will make sure your gear is powered-up without taking up too much space. In fact, we've found the Dynamo Pro Lithium to be the perfect size to "ride along" on the base of a motorized XTg or XXg GoTo Dobsonian so you don't have to worry about tangling cords. This pleasantly portable power supply weighs just 3.3 lbs.

Thanks to its high-capacity, 155 watt-hour lithium ion battery, the Enkeoo S155 AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply will keep your gear powered throughout the night so you can concentrate on enjoying the night sky instead of fretting about power running out. What's more, the Enkeoo S155 doesn't require a recharge nearly as often as sealed lead-acid power supplies, so depending on how much equipment you're using, you can potentially keep astronomy gear powered night after night without having to recharge. Helpful indicator lights let you know when the power supply requires a recharge. When not in regular use, we recommend recharging the Enkeoo every 3-6 months while in storage for best results. 

This must-have power supply also features a handy white spotlight to help illuminate your telescope setup or campsite. 

The Enkeoo S155 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply includes male and female auto-lighter socket adapters and an AC adapter.


Enkeoo S155 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply

AC charging adapter

Male auto-lighter (cigarette) charging cable

Female auto-lighter (cigarette) adapter