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Solar Filter, Paperboard Frame

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ECLIPSE ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE Solar Eclipse Glasses, Solar Filters, Solar Telescopes, and other eclipse related accessories and memorabelia are not returnable due to the event based nature of these items.

NOTE: Filters are sold individually. If you are buying to use with Binoculars, order the two filter Binocular Set. 

Solar film material and the outer frame may be either a black or silver color, or combination between the two. The performance is the same regardless of the color of the materials.

Solar Filters

For centuries, curious minds have studied the stars above and mused about the mysteries of our universe. However, staring longingly at our own solar system’s star isn’t quite as easy — without proper equipment at least. If you want to study the Sun, Black Polymer Solar Filters from Rainbow Symphony will keep you safe, without sacrificing your viewing quality. Also, because this Black Polymer Solar Filter is ideal for telescopes, binoculars, cameras, and finder scopes, you can use your favorite viewing device for your observations.

Certified for Safety

The Black Polymer Solar Filter for telescopes and other viewing devices is made from the same high quality materials as eclipse glasses, and is a low cost alternative to aluminum cell and glass filters. The lens is made from a premium, scratch-resistant Black Polymer material with grade five optical density, and is designed to filter out all harmful solar radiation (100% of ultraviolet and infrared light, as well as 99.999% of intense visible light). The product is CE Certified, meets the standard for ISO 12312-2:2015, and the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992 for safe direct solar viewing.

Helpful Tips

The Black Polymer Solar Filter for telescopes are designed to fit on the outside of your telescope or lens holder. Before you purchase your filter, measure the outside diameter of your viewing device. Next, browse through the size options and choose the filter with an inside dimension that’s slightly larger than your viewing device’s outer diameter. Felt tape is included with each solar filter for custom fitting.

When in place, our Black Polymer Solar Filter creates a yellow-orange image of the sun that is sharp, safe, and easy to see.

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