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RedCat 71 APO 350mm f/4.9

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  • 71mm f/4.9 Astrograph.FPL-53 glass for colour free apochromatic performance.
  • 4 elements in 3 groups (2-1-1- configuration; new, unique, patented design - not a conventional objective/flattener/reducer design).
  • Covers 45mm full frame imaging circle.
  • Precise helical focusing and camera rotation; includes a 48mm make thread that accepts a wide T-ring.
  • Includes mounting rings, 21cm long Red Vixen style dovetail and Cat saddle.
  • Weight =  6.2lbs / 2.8kg (OTA only);  8.2lbs /  3.7kg (OTA with ring, dovetail and saddle).

Welcome Cat71 to join WO Cat family!!!

The WO Cat71 is a 71-mm f/4.9 refractor using a Petzval design with a doublet front element incorporating FPL-53 glass, plus a single central element and a single rear lens. By this design, our WO Cat71 provides a flat image plane without any additional flattener and the image circle is over 45mm. WO Cat71 is designed primarily for imaging, making it an astrograph.

This scope provides an excellent colour correction and pinpoint stars at the very edge of a 45mm image circle.

If you want to take images with the best quality, this beautiful and powerful telescope is what you want.

Four-Element Patented Design 2+1+1

Focal Length 348mm
Diameter 71mm
Aperture f/4.9
Focuser Helical Focuser with 2GT Gear Ring
Image Circle >43mm
Tube Length
(with dew shield)
Weight 6.2lbs / 2.8kg (OTA only)
8.2lbs / 3.7kg (OTA with ring, dovetail and saddle)


  • RedCat 71 Telescope with rings, dovetail, handlebar saddle, and Bahtinov Focus Mask integrated into the lens cap.
  • RedCat 71 Padded Case
  • 2x Handlebar Saddle Set Screws

[A] M48 Dust Cap/Thread

[B] Tilt Adapter

[C] Camera Angle Rotator

[D] Rotator Tension Knob

[E] Saddle Handlebar (with two M4 thumb screws)

[F] Helical Focuser with 2GT Gear Ring

[G] Arca Swiss/Vixen Plate

[H] Mounting Rings

[I] Due Shield with Focus Tension Ring

[J] Super Bright Bahtinov Mask

    SKU: T-C-71RD