Coronado SolarMax III

The SolarMax III is the latest H-alpha series from Coronado to deliver unparalleled solar viewing and imaging.

  • 70mm f/5.7 refractor equipped with 60mm external hydrogen – alpha (H-α) filters.  Available with either 10mm or 15mm blocking filters.
  • 90mm f/8.9 refractor equipped with 90mm external hydrogen - alpha filters.  Available with either 15mm or 30mm blocking filters. 
  • Both single-stacked (<0.7Å) and double-stacked (<0.5Å) bandpass version are available.
  • Two-speed, 2” rack-and-pinion focuser has both coarse and fine focus controls allowing a more precise focus, critical for both solar imaging and visual observing.
  • Includes only external True H-α etalon filters giving higher contrast views and sharper features compared with models using smaller internal H-α etalon designs. 

Experience darker backgrounds, sharper features, and higher contrast with the new SolarMax III series telescope.