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Used Tele Vue f/8.6 102 Apo Refractor with clamshell and hard case

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This is an older TV 102 (not the current TV 101).  It is an f/8.6 model, but it is an apochromat.  It is in good condition.  The optics are clean; however, there are what look to be some minor scratches in the objective that we have tried but failed to remove by cleaning - see the photo.  There is a line running from 6 o'clock to 12.  This should not effect your views, but we realize that someone who buys a TeleVue product is expecting near-perfection.    

The body also has some minor scratches on it, consistent with use.  These condition issues have been taken into consideration in the pricing.  



This 4” aperture telescope has an 880mm focal length f/8.6 APO doublet diffraction-limited objective.

Standard features of the optical tube assembly (O.T.A.) include: sliding dew shield, screw-on cover, 2” focuser, and custom hard-shell case. 


The Tele Vue Ring Mount permits mounting to the Tele Vue Gibraltar, heavy duty camera tripods or equatorial mounts using Tele Vue adapters (consult your Tele Vue dealer). 


We particularly recommend using the Starbeam reflex sight (part# SFT-2003) to complement the 3.0° field of the telescope and attaches directly to the Ring Mount. The case has a cutout for the Starbeam. The Quick Release Universal Finder Bracket (QFM-1008) holds a traditional 50mm finderscope and also attaches to the mount ring channels. Terrestrial Viewing Considerations - iewing Considerations The Tele Vue 55mm Plössl in a 2” diagonal will provide 16x with a 3.0° field. This can serve as a finder, for rich field viewing or for terrestrial use. (Image is upright, but left/right reversed using diagonal mirrors.)

Also for 2” diagonals only, we highly recommend the 22mm Nagler Type 4, which will provide 40x with over a 2.0° field.

For 1¼” diagonals and prisms, the 32mm Plössl, or 24mm Panoptic offers the maximum field, 1.8° at 27.5x and 36.7x respectively. Getting Acquainted with the Tele Vue-102(see photos on page 3.) 

Optical tube assembly

The OTA consists of the objective cell, tube and focuser. The front cell houses the carefully aligned objective. Never attempt to loosen the 3 alignment screws in the front lens cell. The tube is aluminum and powder coated, requiring no special care. The rack and pinion focuser is driven by high leverage knobs. Tele Vue-102 ® The two tension screws on the top of the focuser body can be adjusted to add resistance when using heavy eyepieces. These tension screws tighten against a brass clamp ring, which then cinches down on the teflon sleeve in which the draw tube slides.

For photography it is not necessary to tighten beyond the need to keep a camera stationary. Even when sufficiently tight, the focuser knobs can still drive the draw tube. The two lock screws in the end of the draw tube also tighten against a brass clamp ring for extra holding power on the diagonal or other accessories.

Ring Mount and Balancing

The Ring Mount permits easy telescope balancing. If you are using a Tele Vue Gibraltar, first unlock the brass vertical motion tension knobs then unlock the “bat handle”, on the Ring Mount, reposition the telescope by sliding it fore or aft and re-lock. This permits balancing heavy and light eyepieces, cameras, etc. It may also be helpful to use our Bronze “Equalizer” (BEC-0005) in place of the standard Hi-Hat 2”-1¼” Adapter when using light-weight eyepieces. The extra weight can balance heavier 2” eyepieces so you may not need to shift the tube in the Ring Mount at all, when changing eyepieces.  


Type 2-element APO refractor, Fully Multi-Coated

Clear Aperture 4 inches (102mm) Aperture Gain 212, compared to a 7mm exit pupil

Focal Length 880mm

Focal Ratio f/8.6

Resolution (visual) 1.1 arc-sec. (Dawes Limit for a 4 inch aperture)

Resolution 163 line pairs per mm (photographic)

Magnification 16x to over 200x using Tele Vue eyepieces

Field, Visual 3o at 16x

Focuser 2-inch, rack and pinion type

Mounting Adjustable ring mount with ¼-20 tapped holes for standard photographic tripods or optional Tele Vue mountings

Weight 9 lbs. (tube assembly) 19 lbs. in case, 28 lbs. shipping

Length 30.5-inches (O.T.A. only)

Accessories custom fitted soft case, screw-on lens cover, sliding dew (glare) shield.

Tube Powder-coated aluminum