Used Starizona Hyperstar v3 for 8" EdgeHD Celestron in Pelican-style Case

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Condition: This is a used Starizona Hyperstar for the EdgeHD 8" Celestron.  This appears to be a version 3; it includes the filter drawer seen in the photos.  It is in excellent condition, with clean optics.  It comes in a heavy-duty Pelican-style foam-lined case. 

The stock information below is for the version 4; there are some minor differences between version 3 and version 4 that you should investigate for yourself before purchasing.    


    • Starizona HyperStar 4
      for Fastar Compatible Celestron 8" Edge HD

      Capture images of the night sky with extraordinary speed using the HyperStar 4! Add the HyperStar 4 to your Celestron 8" EdgeHD telescope and you can take exposures as fast as f/1.9 with a 4.1° field of view! The HyperStar C8HD is compatible with many major astronomical cameras, including cameras from Meade, Orion, Atik, SBIG, Mallincam, Starlight Xpress, and many more. To order your HyperStarC8, select your camera from the drop-down above and we will send you the proper camera adapter. If your camera is not on the list, please write it into the field provided. It is also important that you give us your secondary housing and the mount style you plan to use with the Hyperstar. In this way, we can make sure you hit the ground running!

      Based off of Celestron's revolutionary Fastar technology, the HyperStar C8HD Starizona HyperStar works in the place of your Celestron SCT's secondary mirror. Simply remove the secondary mirror on the C8 and mount the HyperStar lens assembly in its place. This allows you to mount a CCD camera at the front of the telescope. This results in significantly faster imaging and a wider field of view.

      Switching between HyperStar System to the telescope's normal f/10 configuration is simple, easy and requires no tools. No re-collimation is necessary because the telescope's secondary mirror is indexed. Learn how to install your HyperStar in the comprehensive video below!


      C8HD HyperStar Specifications

      • Focal Length: 390 mm
      • Focal Ratio: f/1.9
      • Field of View (with 28 mm sensor): 4.1 degrees
      • DSLR Compatible
      • Camera Adapter Threaded for 2" (48 mm) Filters
      • Back focus: 39.8 mm
      • Maximum Usable Sensor Size: 28 mm Diagonal (APS Format)
      • Weight: 2.1 lb
      • Length (without camera adapter): 4.5"
      • Diameter: 4.3"

      Starizona Filter Slider System

      Starizona's Filter Slider System provides the perfect method for using multiple filters with the HyperStar. Most filter wheels are not compatible with HyperStar since they are too large and obstruct a significant portion of the telescope aperture. This new Filter Slider enables easy filter exchange without the need for detaching the camera from the HyperStar lens.

      This unique device is perfectly circular and has no handles or other protrusions that could conflict with the light path. Filter Slider body features a small enough diameter that it contributes no significant telescope blockage. At only 17.5" (0.69") in thickness, this Filter Slider is compatible with most CCD camera and HyperStar Lens combinations.

      The filter holder slides in and out of the filter slider body effortlessly, making filter exchange during imaging sessions a breeze. This holder utilizes tiny yet powerful magnets to lock in place against matching magnets in the main body. These magnets are strong enough to inhibit slipping while allowing for simple holder removal when it comes time to change filters. Tapered edges help navigate the filter holder into place for easy filter switching at night. As soon as the filter holder is fully inserted, it is securely and precisely held in place. Rounded notches on the exterior of the filter holder enable it to be gripped by your fingers for easy removal.