Used Coronado SolarMax 40 H-Alpha Solar Scope

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Condition: Very good. Includes Coronado case. No eyepieces (compatible with standard 1.25" eyepieces). We tested this here at the store next to a PST and found it to deliver (as expected) higher contrast views that are easier to enjoy with the larger 10mm blocking filter vs the 5mm filter in the PST. A very nice solar scope for the money! 


Instead of buying a Coronado PST with a 1.0 angstrom bandpass, why not just get an all-in-one scope that gets you down to 0.7 Angstroms from the start?  This SolarMax 40 has been very lightly used but will get the job done.  

The Coronado SolarMax was an upgrade over the PST, or Personal Solar Telescope, which has become the world’s most popular telescope for observing the Sun. The SolarMax 40 is a highly portable 40mm dedicated h-alpha telescope that features highly specialized and innovative internal optics with a 0.7-angstrom bandpass, and a BF-10 blocking filter. The internal, non-removable nature of the Coronado SolarMax Telescope's optics make it a great choice for home and educational use. It is perfect for classrooms, outreach, and home schooling.

Unlike a white light solar filter, the Coronado SolarMax solar telescope will show you images of the Sun in H-alpha. Watch as spectacular solar prominences dance on the edge of the Sun and investigate snake-like filaments and sunspots on the Sun’s surface. The Sun is changing all the time, and it is amazing to literally watch as solar flares erupt, grow, shrink, or even detach and float into space.

The Coronado SolarMax H-alpha telescope comes with a 40mm f/10 Ha optical system and an internal 30mm etalon primary blocking filter. A patented tuning system allows for fine adjustment of the bandpass for the best detail, and a built-in focuser allows you to achieve the sharpest image.

The SolarMax is threaded to accept a 1/4-20 tripod bolt to make it easy to attach to a standard photographic or video tripod.  No eyepiece is included, but Coronado makes a selection of Cemax eyepieces that are enhanced for solar viewing.

Aperture 40 mm (1.5")
Focal Length 400 mm
Focal Ratio f/10
<0.7 Angstroms
Manufacturer Coronado
Optical Design Solar - H-alpha
SKU: USolarMax40