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ZenithStar 61 f/5.9 Doublet APO

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The William Optics ZenithStar 61 mm (2.4-inch) Aperture Doublet APO Refractor is the most versatile and portable telescope made by William Optics. Get the best of two worlds with this portable refractor weighing only 3.2 lbs., but built durably like all William Optics refractors.  

The telescope is excellent for wide-field colorful views of stars and nebulae along the Milky Way. Made with carefully formulated, synthetic fluorite glass, or FPL-53, the telescope achieves the best color correction. It provides a sharp image for any DSLR, whether for astrophotography or landscape photography. 

Special Features

  • The full frame sensor size is approximately 36X24.
  • It has a 41mm-diameter image circle.
  • The focuser is 50.8 mm (2-inch), rack and pinion, with 10:1 dual speed micro focuser and a 75 mm travel length.
  • It has a rotatable L mounting bracket.
  • The tube length is 230 mm when fully retracted, and 300 mm when fully extended.
    Aperture 61 mm (2.5")
    Camera/Eyepiece Connection 1.25" Compression Rings
    Dawes Limit 1.9 arcseconds
    Focal Length 360mm
    Focal Ratio f/5.9
    Glass Type FPL-53
    Highest Magnification 122x
    Light Gathering Power 76x
    Limiting Magnitude 12.7
    Manufacturer William Optics
    Optical Design Doublet
    Tube Length 230mm
    Tube Weight 3.2 lbs
    • William Optics ZenithStar 61 f/5.9 Doublet Refracting OTA.
    • Rack and Pinion Focuser 50.8 mm (2-inch), 1:10 Dual Speeds, with 75 mm Travel Length.
    • 1.25-Inch Compression Ring Adapter.
    • A Rotatable L Mounting Bracket Included. 
    SKU: A-Z61IITG