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  • Motorized Computer-Controlled EQ Mount
  • 128x Microdivision Stepper Motor
  • Go2Nova 8408 Computer Controller
  • 150,000+ Object Database
  • Periodic Error Correction (PEC)
  • Built-In 32-Channel GPS Unit
  • AccuAlign Illuminated Polar Scope
  • Vixen-Style Dovetail Saddle
  • 27 lb Payload Capacity
  • Optional Hard Case
  • 1.5" or 1.75" Stainless Steel Tripod with Tray

With improved tracking accuracy thanks to its new low periodic error of less than ±10 arcsec, and larger gear switches on both axes to make access and adjustments easier the iOptron CEM25P Equatorial GoTo Mount makes an ideal mount for most astronomy and astrophotography needs.

It includes the motorized mount, the Go2Nova 8408 computer hand controller, a standard 1.5" tripod, or optional 1.75" LiteRoc tripod, and the AccuAlign illuminated polar scope. Its built-in 32-channel GPS receiver transmits accurate date, location, and time to the hand controller, so when you change your position, the telescope can be set up quickly with accurate information. For precise tracking, as required during long-exposure astrophotography or observation sessions, the CEM25P has the capability for you to program out the Periodic Error Correction (PEC) common to all worm gears. With a maximum payload capacity of up to 27 lb, this mount is ideal for most medium to large refractor, reflector, or catadioptric OTAs with Vixen-style dovetail plates, while still being able to handle imaging rigs.

The stepper motor is controlled by the Go2Nova hand controller. This system has an internal database of 150,000+ celestial objects, multiple alignment assistance procedures, and updateable firmware through the built-in serial port. With nine slew speeds and automatic tracking capabilities, finding and keeping objects centered in the field of view is easy whether you're viewing the fast-moving Moon or much slower deep space subjects.


  • German equatorial design for smoother and more accurate tracking
  • Center-balanced "Z"-design: Weight is placed over the center of gravity for greater stability, smoother movement, and quieter running
  • 27 lb payload capacity, excluding included counterweight
  • 0-60° latitude; ±10° azimuth adjustment range
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS receiver for accurate day, date, time, and location information
  • Spring loaded Vixen-style dovetail saddle
  • Adjustable polar alignment even during tracking
  • Retractable counterweight bar prevents obstruction by the tripod; 20mm diameter accepts any compatible weights
  • Includes 10.4 lb counterweight
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Works in the Northern and Southern hemispheres
Motors and Gears
  • Improved periodic error over previous model, reduced to less than ±10 arcsec
  • 1.8° stepper motor with 128x microdivision
  • 88mm, 144-tooth aluminum R.A. and DEC worm wheels
  • Brass worm gears
  • 55mm R.A. and DEC ball bearings provide smooth movement with minimal vibration
  • 35mm steel R.A. and DEC axis shafts
  • Synchronous belt transmission improves tracking accuracy, with reduced vibration - especially with heavy loads
  • R.A. and DEC gear switches release the gears for balancing OTA
  • Gear tension adjustment eliminates play in gears
  • Resolution: 0.17 arcsec
  • Low-power consumption: 0.35A (tracking), 0.6A (using GoTo)
  • Runs on included 110VAC power adapter
Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller
  • 150,000+ object database
  • Alignment procedures: Pole-star, One-star, Two-star, Three-star, Polar, Solar System
  • Slew speeds: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x, 6°/sec (Max); Quiet mode
  • Real-time Periodic Error Correction (PEC) eliminates tracking errors for long-exposure astrophotography
  • Tracking rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, King, user-defined from 0.99x to 1.01x of Sidereal
  • Track Below Horizon option allows mount to track objects below the horizon that are still visible, such as if observing from a hill or rooftop/balcony
  • Computer control with planetarium software via integrated autoguiding port
  • Adjustable key and display brightness
  • Control for optional electronic focuser
  • Control optional illuminated polar scope light intensity
  • Fully compatible with mount's integrated GPS module to automatically determine day, date, time, location
  • 4-line/21-character LCD screen; backlit 18-button user interface
AccuAlign Polar Scope
  • For accurate and fast polar alignment
  • Dark field illuminated dial
  • Red LED illumination
  • Polar scope is not blocked by the DEC shaft, allowing for re-alignment while mount is running
  • 1.5" stainless steel, two leg sections
  • Adjustable height from 25-42"
  • 48" maximum leg spread
  • Accessory tray with a locking leg spreader
  • Spiked feet for greater stability on uneven ground
  • Weight: 11.0 lb / 5.0 kg
Mount Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount
Payload 27 lb (12.3kg), exclude counterweight
Mount weight 10.4 lb (4.7kg)
Payload/Mount weight 2.60
Periodic error (PE) * <±10 arcsec
Right Ascension worm wheel Φ88mm, 144 teeth aluminum
Declination worm wheel Φ88mm, 144 teeth aluminum
Right Ascension axis shaft Φ35mm steel
Declination axis shaft Φ35mm steel
Right Ascension bearing Φ55mm ball bearing
Declination bearing Φ55mm ball bearing
Worm gears Φ15.2mm, Brass
Motor drive 1.8º stepper motor, 128X microdivision
Resolution 0.17 arc seconds
Transmission Synchronous belt
Latitude adjustment range 0º ~ 60º
Azimuth adjustment range ± 10º
GPS Internal 32-channel GPS
Polar Scope AccuAlign TM dark field illuminated
Level indicator Level bubble
Hand Controller Go2Nova® 8408 with 150,000+ objects database
Tracking Automatic
Slew speed 1×,2×,8×,16×,64×,128×,256×,512×,MAX(4º/sec)
Power consumption 0.35A(Tracking), 0.6A(GOTO)
Power requiremention 12V DC(9 ~ 15V), 1.5Amp
AC adapter 100V ~ 240V (included)
Power-down memory Yes
Serial port Yes (on hand controller)
Autoguide port Yes
Firmware upgrade Yes
PC computer control Yes (ASCOM)
Counterweight shaft Φ20mm, Stainless Steel
Counterweight 10.4 lb (4.7kg)
Tripod 1.5" or 1.75" Stainless Steel
Dovetail saddle Spring loaded Vixen-style
Operation temperature -10ºC ~ 40ºC
Warranty Two year limited


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