Solar Eclipse AstroBox

Solar Eclipse AstroBox

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Make the eclipse an experience to remember. The Eclipse AstroBox is the ultimate package for your eclipse adventure.

Includes all Eclipse Kit items, PLUS: 

  • EXCLUSIVE: A real piece of a Lunar meteorite including certificate.
  • Eclipse Photographic print from Juan Carlos Casado
  • The ISS Expedition 52 official crew patch - The crew that will see the eclipse from space.

Plus these Eclipse Kit items:

  • The Eclipse Kit guide to the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
  • 6 Pairs of certified Eclipse Glasses
  • Exclusive Eclipse T-shirt
  • Exclusive Eclipse commemorative patch
  • Sun Art cyanotype printmaking kit
  • The box turns into a solar viewer!

A Real Moon Rock

Imagine holding a small piece of the Moon as you watch it slide across the face of the Sun!

Lunar meteorite is extremely rare, accounting for well less than 1% of known meteorite finds. The total weight of all known lunar meteorites – just 390 lbs – is less than the total weight of the Moon rocks brought back by the Apollo missions (which are all U.S. government property). That's why our sample is very small. Each is approximately 2 mm square and weighs about 6 mg. The sample is presented in a plastic coin display case with custom insert, and a certificate. Because of its rarity, Lunar meteorite material is more valuable than gold. In fact, the meteorite our sample came from, classified as NWA 4932, weighed only 93.3 grams - just 0.2 lbs in total. Needless to say, this is something very rare!